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With over 20 years of recording studio experience, Low Fold Audio Visual understand acutely that the best studio in the world, fitted with state-of-the-art technology, is only as good as the wiring system that makes it all work!

Bantom Patchbay
We are experts with all aspects of wiring & can design a user-friendly & logical system to suit your specific needs. Low Fold Audio Visual specialise in patchbay design & can plan, arrange & custom wire your studio for years of trouble-free operation.

Bantom patchbay wiring
With in-depth knowledge of 'traditional' analogue wiring issues, such as patchbay normalisation techniques & types, as well as years of experience of configuring digital audio systems of all formats, we have the expertise to make studio operate efficiently, flexibly & reliably.

Furthermore, we have vast experience of MIDI wiring systems & issues, & other key concerns such as timecode & synchronization.

For more information please call 01524 792020 or email info@studio-designers.co.uk


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